Out Of Province Inspection: What It Is & Why You Need It!

Relocating to Edmonton is a thrilling adventure, filled with new experiences and opportunities. Alongside settling into your new abode, starting a fresh job, enrolling your children in school, setting up utilities, there’s another crucial task to be accomplished – registering your out-of-province vehicle.

However, registering your vehicle in Edmonton is not as simple as visiting Service Alberta and swapping your plates. An essential part of this process is booking your car or truck for an out-of-province inspection in Edmonton. This procedure is critical to ensure that your vehicle adheres to the safety standards of the province.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of what an out-of-province inspection involves and how to navigate through this significant task step-by-step, making your transition to Edmonton as smooth as possible.

Understanding the Out Of Province Inspection

In Alberta, all vehicles coming from outside the province must pass an inspection before obtaining local plates and registration tags. This inspection is a provincial requirement to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and complies with Alberta’s road safety standards. It’s a crucial step towards ensuring the safety of you, your loved ones, and other road users.

After relocating, you have a 90-day window to transfer your vehicle registration. The first step to accomplish this involves finding a licensed mechanic through the Vehicle Inspection Program. This program ensures that all vehicles on the road are up to the stipulated safety standards.

A detailed inspection by a licensed repair shop typically spans about two hours. Upon completion, your mechanic will submit the signed Record of Inspection to the Alberta Registry irrespective of whether your car or truck passes or fails. This document serves as an official record of your vehicle’s inspection, outlining any potential issues or repairs needed.

Suppose your vehicle fails the inspection. In that case, you have a 10-day grace period to complete the necessary repairs before the inspection expires, ensuring that your vehicle adheres to Alberta’s safety standards before hitting the road.

Exceptions to the Rule

While most vehicles in Edmonton require an out-of-province inspection, certain exceptions exist. Understanding these exemptions can save you time and hassle:

New vehicles acquired out of province

  • If you’ve recently purchased a new vehicle within the past 90 days from an authorized dealer in Canada, and the vehicle is registered in your name, you’re exempt from the out-of-province inspection.

New vehicles purchased in the United States

  • If you have a Bill of Sale or lease agreement from the past 90 days from an authorized dealer in the United States, and your Transport Canada Form 1 has two stamps – one from the US/Canada border and one from the Registrar of Imported Vehicles Inspection Center, you’re exempt. Please note that RIV compliance inspections are by appointment only.

Commercial Vehicles

  • If your commercial vehicle has a Commercial Vehicle Inspection Certificate from another Canadian jurisdiction in the past 90 days, you’re exempt from the out-of-province inspection.

Vehicles from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba

  • If your vehicle is newer than four years old or has passed a government inspection in one of these provinces in the last 90 days, you’re exempt from the out-of-province inspection.

However, certain vehicle categories do not qualify for an exemption, including Salvage, Non-repairable, Unsafe, Rebuilt, Right-hand drive, Custom or homebuilt, Kit cars, and Lifted or lowered vehicles. Even if your vehicle falls into one of these categories, you must still present the vehicle at an Alberta Registry office to undergo the exemption process.

Steps for Getting An Out Of Province Inspection In Edmonton

If you’re ready to bring your vehicle in for an inspection in Edmonton, here’s a step-by-step guide on what you need to do:

  1. Request a form: Visit an Alberta Registry Office near you to purchase an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Request form. You’ll need to present this form at your inspection appointment.
  2. Schedule your vehicle inspection: Book an inspection with a licensed technician and provide them with your form. The technician will inspect your vehicle and issue a pass or fail grade, documenting any required repairs on a Record of Inspection.
  3. Address any necessary repairs: If your vehicle doesn’t pass the inspection, you’ll need to complete any required repairs within 10 days before the original inspection expires. Once repairs are done, the vehicle will undergo a reinspection.

Remember, if you miss the 10-day window, you’ll have to restart the inspection process from scratch.

  1. Submit your inspection certificate to an Alberta Registry Agent: After your vehicle passes the inspection, you’ll need to submit your Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Certificate and Record of Inspection to the Alberta Registry within 14 days. Failure to meet this deadline means you’ll have to restart the entire process.

Sure Shot Auto and Trailer: Your Trusted Partner

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